My 2022 Review in Running

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In 2021, I focused on training to arrive back in shape. This year, I continued to improve my strength, speed and most of all, my knowledge. Many transitions occurred this year with my family—all good things, though challenging at times. With this came clarity with stuff that I’ve been asking and praying about for the past four years. Mostly, I’m finding the answers to a lot of stuff that has been on my mind these past two years.



My first race of 2022, in which I qualified for local competitive entry for the 2023 NYC Marathon. Photo Credit: cheer.everywhere


In hindsight, transition was the common theme for my year. Transition for me to arrive at a place where I have an opportunity to check off some unrealized goals of mine. As a musician, I’m constantly looking inward and self-reflecting. What you hear today might not be what you necessarily write tomorrow. Accepting responsibility for your own growth paves the way for maturity and looking at the whole picture contextually. That four bar phrase that you once thought was hip might not fit the character of the song or the room. Running under 7:00 per mile pace on recovery runs just because elites might do so doesn’t mean that you should mimic it.



Season opener for my 5k races in April. 2nd Place OA.


 After qualifying for the NYC Marathon in January, I gained entry to the Brooklyn Half in May.

Truthfully, I’ve gathered a lot of information these past few years in lieu of not having as many opportunities to train. Not to make excuses, but God’s will, I’m simply in a better situation right now to push my comfort zone in 2023. No, scheduling doesn’t always works out perfectly, but I’m used to that by now. I’m just simply better equipped with the knowledge to progress my training consistently. I honestly don’t know where I’ll end up, but I’m excited to push the envelop in my training and racing.



Running 4:46 for the 5th Ave Mile.


 For 2023, I’m planning to make a return back into marathoning. I’m still looking to improve my speed from the mile to half-marathon, but a marathon personal best is long overdue. I do have a course in mind, though technical and not flat. Yes, I’m planning on running New York again. I believe in the realm of possibilities to run a fast time on a non-flat course. Marathoners just can’t approach New York in the same way that one might run Berlin or London. Anyway, I see 2023 as setting the stage for me to really push outside of my comfort zone while enjoying the process—weird to say right? I know there will be moments where I’ll definitely question my why, but honestly the enjoyment for me is tapping into unrealized potential. In other words, I’d regret not trying.


The 2022 Abbott Dash to the Finish 5k.




Training Footage of This Year’s Training


2022 Road Progression:

Half-Marathon: 1:19:22 → 1:17:50

5k: 17:21 → 16:50 → 16:49 → 16:43

1 mile: 4:46 (PR)


First NYRR Age Group Win (God’s Love We Deliver 4 Miler)

First Place NYRR Age Group Win (Frosty 5k)

2nd Place (NYCRuns Queens 5k)

First Place Age Group Win (NYCRuns Fall 5k)



See you next year!




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