Six Simple Details to Improve Running

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Runners tend to focus most on improving race times and fitness. However, many disregard simple details that yield significant improvements to our health and well-being. Here is a list of six actions, which have nothing to do with actual training, yet will help optimize a training program.

1.) Skin care: Put sunscreen on before outdoor runs throughout every season. During the winter months, take extra precaution to keep hands and feet from becoming dry and cracking.

2.) Dental hygiene: Brush and floss teeth after consuming gels on a training run to avoid cavities. This will help save time and money at the dentist.

3.) Cooking: Many justify eating out because of time constraints. It’s convenient, but ordering every night adds up. Cooking allows complete control of what ingredients will go into a meal. Keep it simple and healthy. To make cooking more enjoyable, learn how different flavor combinations go together.

4.) Wear comfortable, seasonal clothing: Find what types of running gear work best for each season. Winter months pose a challenge, especially living in big cities such as NYC. Find a combination that is comfortable without having to shed and carry layers while running. Map out runs close to home or find a place to store dry clothes to change into for avoiding those post-run chills on the train ride home.

5.) Don’t make running an idol: Find other outlets besides running. Focusing too much on performance or the daily routine will ultimately result in burnout, which will hinder any running goal. Moreover, focusing on other activities will help curb misery if injured.

6.) Don’t focus on other athletes: Follow for inspiration or camaraderie, but don’t copy what others do in training. Focus on individual development while improving shortcomings. Furthermore, learn how to improve.

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