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Master Practice List (Aug 2012 – )

Finger Calisthenics | Start at 30 BPM (tempo range = 30 to 250) ::

– Stretching exercises

– Chromatic, other scalar and arpeggio exercises with picking and finger style ( Groupings, Jump Steps )

– Apply different rhythms and poly-rhythms

– Run through JS Bach at least once per week

Scales ::

– 7 Modes of Melodic Minor | Run through one key a day

– 7 Modes of Harmonic Minor | Run through one key a day

Harmony | Voiceleading ::

– Triad Cycles | Close and spread Apart | Voicelead through one key and cycle a day in Major, Melodic and Harmonic minor | ( Options :: Cycle 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 )

– Seventh Voicings | Review Drops | Voicelead through one key and cycle a day in Major, Melodic and Harmonic minor

– Chord Vocabulary | Usages in multiple contexts ( Consult Vocabulary Folder )

***Apply arpeggio sequences with pick

Reading ::

– Rhythms ( Gary Chaffee | Factorial Rhythm book )

– Extra Practice (opt) :: choose from fakebooks, flute or Bach Violin Book

Tunes ::

– Original Compositions (8) | ( Soloing, Comp’ing; Application of vocabulary )

– Tunes for upcoming performances


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