Series Post Part 1: Guide for New-Coming Musicians to NYC

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As I embark on writing this series, I admit that I’m still learning and will continue to learn the ropes in this ever-changing industry and city. I’ve been fortunate and blessed to solely work on music here in New York City. While so many musicians have moved back to their hometown due to financial reasons, I’m happy to report that the only reason that I would move back home is by choice.

What will I talk about in this series? Simply, I will share helpful tips I’ve discovered in my two-year journey here thus far. I will list important resources not only for newcomers, but specifically new-coming musicians. I will discuss finances. ¬†Most importantly, I’ll talk about useful ways to find apartments.

As we dive into this series, I can’t stress enough that your ability to work and stay here relies solely on your attitude. It must be positive. Alas, if it’s anything other you will be heading back home in only a matter of months. You must be resilient. You need to plan ahead while maintaining flexibility to unexpected circumstances. Most importantly, you must find your own way. Just because everybody pursues broadway, hip-hip or jazz doesn’t mean you have to solely travel this route. If you’re working towards pursuing one of these routes, best of luck! And who knows, after some time here you may find yourself stumbling on to something completely different that what you thought you’d be doing.

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