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Click on the links below for all my 2013 writing.

  1. Be You
  2. What happens when the words the and IRS combine? Theirs.
  3. The Ear
  4. The Perplexity of Guitar Notation
  5. Guide for New-Coming Musicians to NYC (4 Part Series)
  6. Book Giveaway
  7. Nick’s Practice Schedule (April 20, 2013 – )
  8. Developing Jazz Vocabulary
  9. Thoughts on Automation
  10. What’s that scale again?
  11. Financial Planning for Young Adults
  12. Giving Thanks, Reflection

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Nick Grinlinton is a guitarist, composer and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a two-time ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award finalist and has composed and played music for Jerry Seinfeld's web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee". A speedy runner, Nick currently focuses on racing distances from the mile all the way to the marathon. As he continues to train daily, he is currently examining what effect music has towards running. To learn more and to contact Nick, visit his website.

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