End of 2012 Reflections, a Year in Blogging

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As the year draws towards an end, I’m happy that I made a solid effort to blog. In this post, I decided to list all entries I wrote this year.


Nick Grinlinton

Blog Entries of 2012:

Effective Rehearsal Techniques (for leaders and non-leaders)

How to Practice Music

Do artists today develop fundamental skills?

Boundaries with Music

Scales, Mistakes and Creativity

Tired of inaccurate charts? Develop your ear!

Tablature and Traditional Music Notation

Advice for Playing Guitar in an Ensemble

Jazz Guitar Lineage

Voicing Applications

Making Guitar Lessons Fun While Incorporate Essential “Boring” Guitar Skills

Chord-Scale Primer

The Art of Creativity, Collaboration and Being Yourself

Effects and Articulation Primer for Horns

Advice for Singers

How to Shape Fingernails


Guitar Effects Primer

Social Media Etiquette for the Musician

Thoughts on Playing Music

A Word on Writing Rhythms

Criticism of the CAGED System

For Parents: Tips for Beginning Your Kid’s Guitar Lessons

Practice, Reflections and Observations of 2012:

Current Observations (2012)

Nick’s Practice Schedule

Practice Observations

Two-Year New York Reflection


About Nick Grinlinton

Nick Grinlinton has written 102 entries on this blog.

Nick Grinlinton is a guitarist, composer and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a two-time ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award finalist and has composed and played music for Jerry Seinfeld's web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee". A speedy runner, Nick currently focuses on racing distances from the mile all the way to the marathon. As he continues to train daily, he is currently examining what effect music has towards running. To learn more and to contact Nick, visit his website.

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