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In general, some aspects of music that I’ve been thinking about:

1.) Though sight-reading and having the ability to read music is important, it seems that there are a lot of musicians who don’t get beyond the page and internalize a tune. People can communicate better with eye contact. So, how are musicians supposed to groove together when their eyes are glued to the music stand?

2.) It’s a great skill to transcribe influential and innovative artists, but there is something else to be said about getting past musical regurgitation and developing a voice.

3.) It is also important to know that some of today’s hippest musicians also had influences. It’s always worth listening and transcribing their influences¬†to achieve the whole picture.

4.) It’s totally possible to work on so many concepts that an artist can lose sight of their main concept.

5.) When playing, I’m constantly thinking about creating an experience; communicating words through the guitar that connect to an audience. I’m currently thinking a lot about rhythm, melody and honesty when playing.

6.) There are no shortcuts. Even the most gifted musicians still put in the time to achieve their vision.

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